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Shade Flap Instructions

The shade flap extension is a very simple addition to the Hut. If you have a large tent that won't fit under the Hut or you prefer to set up your tent behind the shelter, the flap will cover your tent and keep it cool.

Shade Flap Ingredients

• 2 - 10' x 1" schedule 40 PVC
• 1 - 2½' x 1¼" schedule 40 PVC (one left over from the Hut)
• 2 - 2' x ½" rebar pieces
• 1 - 10' x 20' tarp(heavy duty silver)
• Duct tape
• Bungie balls or zip ties

The basic idea here is to place an addition rib over the top of the Hut's middle rib--on the outside of the tarp that covers the Hut. This rib will be held in place by rebar and the additional tarp will connect to it and hang over the back opening of the Hut.

Once your MonkeyHut is fully completed, build a rib using the 2 pieces of 1" PVC, the 2½' connector and duct tape. Standing outside the Hut, find the middle rib. Hammer a piece of rebar into the ground approximately 2" from the base of the middle rib, driving it into the ground about 1' deep and at the same angle as the middle rib. Repeat this with the other piece of rebar on the opposite side of the Hut.

Before you slide the new rib onto the rebar, you'll want to lay out the tarp and connect its shorter side onto the rib with bungie balls or zip ties. The easiest way to do this is to lay out the tarp behind your tent so that when you pick up the rib/tarp and walk it to the middle of the Hut, the tarp naturally drags over your tent. If you have someone to carry the other end of the rib and place it over the rebar, all the better. (I did this by myself and, though it was a bit tricky, I accomplished it without too much sweat.)

Once the rib is in place, adjust the tarp so that it lays evenly over the Hut and drapes across your tent. Fasten its grommets to your tent with zip ties or, if you like, run a guy wire through its grommets and nail it to the ground with a tent stake. If your tent is small and the flap reaches the ground behind it, put a few tent stakes through its grommets and into the ground. Basically, you don't want the wind to have it's way with the shade flap, so do what you need to do to keep it secure.

Notice the flap draping over the tent behind the 3rd rib.
Notice the inner AND outer middle ribs, as well as the gray piece of the flap connected on the outside.

Monkey Hut!